How To: Count cards with the Hi-Lo system

Count cards with the Hi-Lo system

The video shows us how to count the cards using the Hi-Lo system. This involves steps and the first step is to assign the values to the cards. Take any deck of cards and then assign the value '+1' to the cards from 2 to 6, value '0' to the cards from 7 to 9 and the rest of the cards Ace, 10, Jack, Queen and the King are assigned the value '-1'. This is a helpful strategy. When the count is higher, there are more high cards than low cards in the remaining cards. When the count is lower, there are more low cards than high cards in the remaining cards. Step 2 is about guessing the cards. During counting cards, you should know the cards of the deck. A helpful way to do this would be to get all the hearts, diamonds, spades and diamonds from a deck and put one face down and guess what it is. Step 3 is count the cards you see here and place them in the count in the commentary. This is the way you will count the cards with the Hi-Lo system.

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