How To: Play Tri Peaks Solitaire

Play Tri Peaks Solitaire

There are a number of variations of solitaire games you can play. Their popularity has remained huge over the past couple of years.

One of the most fast paced versions you can play is tri peaks solitaire. Although there are similarities with other solitaire games, there are a number of glaring differences. We would like guide you through this.

Step 1: The Layout of the Cards

The cards are dealt in three pyramids next to each other face down. The bottom overlapping row is however dealt face up. Below that a stack of cards is stacked face down with one face up card next to it.

Step 2: Moving Cards from the Tri Peaks

A card can be moved from the three peaks down to the face up stack. A card would only get moved if the card is one higher or lower in value. Should you run out of options you can draw from the single stack of face down cards.

Step 3: How to Complete a Stage

To complete a stage you need to remove all of the face up cards in the tri peaks. With most variations of tri peaks solitaire you would be playing against the clock (shown here in the top right of the screen).

The faster you complete a level and the less cards you use, the higher your score and bonuses will be

Step 4: Scoring

The scoring for most versions of tripeaks solitaire consists of a number of bonuses as well as your regular score combined.

Step 5: Tip to Improving Scores and Completing More Levels

  1. When given the option of two cards of the same value you can remove from the peaks, remove the one covering two cards or the biggest peak. It gives you better odds to complete the level and more options.
  2. Play often so that you can easily start seeing the patterns and "get into the zone".
  3. Try different variations of the game. The slight changes will sharpen your feel for the game allowing you to improve your scores on all of the variations of the game

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