How To: Build a Reaper King deck for Magic: The Gathering EDH

Build a Reaper King deck for Magic: The Gathering EDH

If you've haven't tried Elder Dragon Highlander, check it out. It's an awesome variation of Magic: The Gathering. This video will teach you how to make a powerful deck for it based around the Reaper King card and an army of scarecrows.

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Hmmm looks like My reaper king deck only worse. just packed with money cards for bombs instead of cards that work with reaper king. where's the right of replication (destroy 25 permanents), dead eye navigator, hell i'd choose my species gorger over that land kill, (i just have a land that breaks land) still working on getting gem stone caverns though, and rathi assasin is so good, tutors 3 costing changelings onto the battlefield, becomes 3 and tap destroy a permanent. wish i could mirror match him.

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