Hot Card Games How-Tos

How To: Play solitaire with playing cards

This video provides you with a short and informative guide on how to choose glasses for blind spots. Thick rims and sides can get in the way of your vision, so watch this video and make sure you choose the right glasses for the occasion. Play solitaire with playing cards.

How To: Learn to play spades

In this card game video series, learn how to play spades. Get basic rules and directions, as well as strategies for winning more books or tricks in a hand of spades. Once you get a handle on the basics, watch the advanced series on spades strategy and become a master card shark.

How To: Play the spades card game

In this card game video series, learn some important winning strategies for playing spades. Our expert will show you techniques such as pulling spades, sandbagging, how to go nil, how to play a hand with too many of one suit, when to cut or throw off, and what to do when you have no spades.

How To: Play contract rummy

This tutorial shows how to play contract rummy. This game has 7 hands and each contract or hand is different. The goal is to end up with the least points after the 7 contracts. this game works best with 4 or more players and takes 2 decks of cards.

How To: Play and score gin rummy

This tutorial shows how to play and score gin rummy. It is a great game for 2 people or more. It differs from regular rummy in many ways. This is a great way to spend a cold evening at home. Play and score gin rummy.

How To: Play gin rummy

In this video series, Gary Zier teaches the object and rules of Gin Rummy. Learn about match scoring, knocking, and deadwood. Gary also offers tips and strategies for the experienced or beginner gin player. So, grab a partner and start playing Gin Rummy today!

How To: Play solitaire

In this video clip series, our expert will discuss the game of solitaire in both traditional, table-top games and computer versions. Learn the basics of the game, tips for improving the game and information on the foundations of the game and its rules. Tips for keeping score, dealing the cards, shuffling and playing through the stacks are included, as well as bonus footage of fun tricks to play with the card deck and Vegas pointers.

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